Monday, May 25

My roundtable "How Do You Define Museum?" for Gensler's Dialogue 27 is up. Fascinating talks with Lisa Phillips of the New Museum; Michael Conforti of the Clark; Michael Govan of LACMA; and the really brilliant Kathleen Howe of Pomona.

Saturday, May 2

I'm working on a book-length collection of essays and metafictions about trying to figure out how to talk about the thing that happened to me. Seeking representation.

Thursday, April 30

My love story was featured as a full-page Vows column in the New York Times.

Photo by Jason Lecras for the New York Times

Thursday, December 11

After a year and a half of writer's block, I've written something new, about what it's like to discover something new and get a little closer to a diagnosis, and still have no answers.

On Living in the Woods

Thursday, May 1.

Two recent publications:

Noises Off, on the challenge of managing sound in an open office, featuring design firm O+A and published in Metropolis.

And a review of Yale professor Peggy Deamer's new book Architecture and Capitalism: 1845 to the Present, published in Architectural Record.

Thursday, March 27.

In case you missed the livestream, here's a replay of my inaugural Thrive Show conversation with Jen Brea.

Wednesday, March 26.

Please join me tomorrow for the launch of Thrive Show. I'll be appearing at 12pmPST/3pmET for a discussion with Jen Brea, director of the film Canary in a Coal Mine. We'll be talking about what it's like to live without a diagnosis, how to thrive while living with a devastating illness, and what it means to be happy even when it seems like everything might be falling apart. RSVP and attend by clicking this link.